7 Styling Tips For 3 Days Of Eid For women

Eid is one of the biggest festivals in Pakistan and it’s celebrated for three days. We’ve come up with a list of 7 styling tips to help you style your home and look amazing in your Eid outfits.

 Eid Al Fitr:

The most joyful month of the year is Eid-ul-Fitr, the end of the blessed month of Ramadan, the holiest month of the Islamic calendar. It's a time to celebrate and offer special prayers for the success of our business, families, and community.

Fasting is prohibited for Muslims on the day of Eid. They begin their day with a prayer to thank God for all his blessings and wonders.

Furthermore, Eid-ul-Fitr is an Islamic celebration which reminds Muslims to submit to God and an immediate reward by God for those who spend the month of Ramadan in fasting and praying.

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7 Tips For Styling of 3 Days Of Eid Al Fitr

Asking for help when choosing a dress type, a dress colour, or selecting the right accessories for a particular occasion can be a

Here's why, girls, for this Eid, I have listed down for you, some trends to follow.


1. Best Colours to wear:

As the Eid days are expected to be hot, one must be very careful while choosing their dress colour.

In the summer, you should select yellow, lemon, white, pink, light green, and blue for your holiday wardrobe. These colours will look stunning and gorgeous. like other girls, I also love to wear pink and blue.
Best Colours to wear
Choosing an appropriate combination of colours could work for you, as well.

2. To Keep it simple:

To Keep it simple
To look pretty, you have not need to wear a heavy dress, You need to wear a simple dress and have soft colour. 

It's important for your outfit to be pleasing to the eyes as well. Too many patterns or abstract designs can ruin your appearance.

3. Best Dress type to wear:

Long and short-length kurtas are the perfect fashion style this Eid. A kurta with light jewellery and a simple hairstyle is a perfect combination for your Eid day.

 Kurtas are traditional Indian dresses. If you do not feel like wearing one, you can go for a fashionable frock style with the latest
Best Dress type to wear

A girl who is choosing for her Eid outfit needs to know every detail matters. This year, sleeve details are very important. You’ll have to be very careful while choosing sleeves this season.

4. Floral prints:

If you're looking for a great pattern to add some personality to your clothing, then floral prints are a great fit.
Floral prints
Delicate patterns on bright, vivid fabrics are great for adding a touch of colour to a summer outfit.

If you want to make sure that the entire package screams luxury, go for a brightly coloured bag to complement the colour of your lipstick and dress.

5. Best type of Trouser:

Best type of Trouser

There are many types of trousers that make you look perfect.

A. These are also known as cigarette trousers, pent type trousers, ribboned straight-cut trousers, embroidered trousers, bell-bottom trousers etc.

You have to be pick when choosing any type of trousers. The fit and the style should complement the shirt you’re wearing.

6. Best Hairstyles:

Best Hairstyles

Eid is a great time to take care of your appearance by having a professional-style hairdo for that special occasion.

It's time to get the right haircut for you and to complement your wardrobe and accessories.

With simple styles, you’ll achieve the perfect minimalist look for this festive occasion. Straight hair with a twist from the front, loose curls, and wavy hair will do the trick.


If it is hard to manage your hair in its natural state for the whole day, you can keep it out of the way and tie them up in a simple side bun or braid too.

7: Accessories

Eid is incomplete without traditional bangles and mehndi. While selecting your accessories for Eid, traditional bangles should top the list.


Traditional ornaments are a wonderful choice for either hand. In fact, they would look equally lovely on both hands.

While adding more jewellery like elegant jhumkis or long earrings to your look might give you the ‘oomph’, if you wish to wear something around your neck then I’d suggest you stay away from wearing long earrings.

Shoes are important too. Whether it’s flat, block heels or wedge, there’s a shose that suits everyone this Eid!

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In Conclusion, Women are the most beautiful creatures on this earth. They are so elegant and stylish. The way they dress up their looks and style their outfits is truly amazing. The way they look and the way they dress up for different events is really great. However, not all of them know the best way to dress for different occasions. They don’t know what to wear or how to style their outfits for Eid. So above are the most important tips.