Fall’s Defining Floral Print Trends — And How To Wear Them

Floral prints are one of the hottest trends this fall. From dresses to pants, scarves to jackets, floral prints are everywhere. It's no wonder. They're so fun and easy to wear. Whether you're looking for a classic print or a bolder pattern, there are tons of ways to wear them. Check out our slideshow for some of the best ways to wear floral prints this season.

As with any fashion trend, it's important to know when to take it seriously and when to have some fun. If you're going to get all serious about floral prints, you'll need to Know about the New 5 styles of wearing Floral Print Dresses. Before Going to the 5 styles you need to know the history of the Floral Print.

History of Floral Print:

Floral prints have origins in Asia.

In culture, flowers are a significant thing, and they’re prevalent in cultures such as Japan, China, and India.

Flowers are attractive because they are pleasing to look at, and people over time have given them considerable symbolic and religious meanings.

The floral prints are added around these words, which makes them more significant.

 The history of the floral prints industry dates back to the 12th century when the Chinese started embroidering their silk clothing with flowers and beautiful natural landscapes.

These were used to make rich fabrics, such as silk, and they also found uses in detailed embroideries.

Floral motifs in China included peony, lotus, and carnations.

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5 Most Famous floral prints trend In Pakistan

This is one of the most popular and fashionable outfits for women in Pakistan. The floral print is usually done with chiffon, cotton or with some kind of silky material, which is embroidered with a variety of colors, usually white or cream. It has become a favorite choice of most fashionable ladies in Pakistan and in the rest of the world too. A floral pattern is mostly seen on dresses, pants, skirts, tops, and jackets, etc. The most famous of these trends are as follows:

 1. Floral print Saree:

Floral print Saree
Fabrics like georgette, crepe, and chiffon are known for their lightness and are most suited for the summer. A colourful selection of the florals is printed on pastel or Pink saree (Look stunning, isn't it?). This Pink Floral print Saree gives you gorgeous look and make you more attractive than usual.

2. Floral print Salwar Kameez suits:

Floral print Salwar Kameez suits

Salwar suits are a reflection of how well the grace of a garment speaks volumes about someone. These suits are for all ages. When the material absorbs the floral fragrance, it can make everyone around you get out of the way. The Floral print Salwar Kameez dress is very trendy these days. Every girl wants to wear it. It looks stunning and beautiful.

3. Floral print Maxi:

Floral print Maxi

Cotton or silk maxi are quite sought after throughout the year. A must-have for all parts of the day, they are flexible enough to customize in many ways, as well. Floral maxies in combination with cute floral printed dupattas and Shalwar can give you a fresh and elegant look, but when mixed and matched with a floral printed shawl, the radiance and purity of your look will remain unmatched. You can wear these maxies for weddings and daily use as well.

 4. Floral print Gharara:

Floral print Gharara
Gharara is like the new age palazzo pants with the contrasting fit of the knee part with thin embellished lace and flowing from the waist till the end.

It is very stylishly designed with shiny sequins or antique Mughal motifs that are a reflection of the ancient scene of when the garment was born.

Pairing this top with the same floral-coloured chiffon blouse and a contrasting embroidered shawl will give it that extra wow factor.

5. Floral print Western kaftans:

Floral print Western kaftans

These are tunics. They are short tops that end up to your waistline, and kaftans

These are versatile upper wear garments that can be easily changed into versatile outfits when paired with floral leggings

Be bold and express your feminine side by sporting a flower-printed dress. Its look very gorgeous with floral print. 

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Wear Accessorize for that extra glow!

Wear Accessorize

Wear Accessorize

We would have seen many flower-based accessories, like ornaments or socks that were just enough to lighten up the day. You’ve got several choices when it comes to impressing with the floral prints all of the time.

Pick out the floral printed accessory that would fit your mood for the night and you'll be the star of the evening! Florals are always a great way to dress up your hair and get a stunning hairstyle. You can wear Floral jewellery, bags and hair bands for a more stunning look.


In Conclusion, Floral prints are quite popular right now. The print is everywhere! We are seeing them in clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. They're a huge hit. People love to wear floral prints. Most designers try to include floral prints on their dresses and tops. Some designers try to match their dresses with accessories that have floral prints. If you want to be a part of the trend, you can't just buy some floral prints. You need to do something creative. Find a way to incorporate floral prints into your daily life. You can do this in a number of ways. One of the best ways to do this is by wearing floral prints. You can also decorate your house with floral prints.

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