How to keep Your Linen Dresses Looking Stunning This Summer

Linen is a wonderful fabric; it is light and airy, with an impeccable texture that is perfect for the hot, humid days of the season. It also happens to be incredibly easy to care for, so you can keep it looking like new all summer long. Linen has been around for quite some time, but for me, it was only when I moved to New York that I really started to appreciate its versatility.

Many linen clothes get a little bit of a bad rap for being difficult to care for, but linen clothes actually are the most easy

Yes, it takes some effort to keep them clean and pressed, but the payoff is amazing. They're comfortable, long lasting, and most importantly, they look Stunning. And with the right care, you can wear your linens for years and years to come. The key to proper care of your linen clothes is to make sure they're clean when you wash them. Linen fabrics are delicate and often have a tendency to shrink, so if you wash them while they're still damp, the fabric will lose its shape and won't lay flat as easily.


Washing Your Linen Clothing

Linen is a sturdy material that can be machine washed, though of course you may also hand wash if you choose.

First off, you should know that there are a few things to consider when you're caring for your linen, but there are no real rules.

Here are some tips on how to properly care for your linen. How to Care for Linen: Wash Linen in Cold Water First and foremost, you want to wash your linen in cold water. Hot water and soap will cause the fibers to shrink and the luster to fade. If you're washing by hand, it's easy enough to simply put the items in a sink full of cold water and wash them. If you're using a machine, follow the directions on your washing machine.

Drying Linen

Here's the big thing to know about linens: You absolutely do not have to dry clean them. You have to  just hang them out to dry.

Linen clothing should generally be washed and dried by hand unless they're damaged or soiled in which case a professional laundry service is appropriate.

The construction of linen suits and blazers is what makes them different.

Send them out. For everything else, from linen shirts to pants to dresses and even to sheets and tablecloths, this book will tell you what you need to know to make

How to Machine Dry Your Linen If you are looking for a quick and easy way to dry your linen, then you should look into using a dryer with a high speed cycle. The heat on these machines can help to dry your fabric quickly. If you are looking for a quicker drying option, you may want to consider hand washing your linen. This is the perfect option if you are traveling or want to go out. Dry your linens in a room that stays at a steady temperature.

If you hang clothes to dry, lay them flat on a towel or use a drying rack.

avoid hangers, which can scratch and scuff your clothes if they hit a sharp corner.

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The Wrinkle Factor

Whether or not to iron your linen clothes is up to you to decide.

You may not want to iron a slouchy linen top, but perhaps you'll want to iron a crisper look when it comes to a more tailored linen shirt you're wearing to the office, or a linen dress you're wearing to a wedding or other dressy occasion.

To get the best results, press the shirt straight out of the wash while it's still damp, or if the piece is already dry, use a spray bottle filled with water or linen spray. You don't need to iron until the fabric is completely dry, as it will dry quickly all on its own, so use a medium to high heat setting on the iron and press only until the wrinkles are removed. It's a good idea to iron bright and dark colored clothes on the back of the garment to keep them looking fresh.

If you want your linen clothes to stay pressed looking for the duration of wear, use spray starch for a crisper look, and to make sure whisker points like the knees, elbows, and crotch don't become impossibly creased over the course of the day.

The best method to eliminate creases in linen would be using a spray bottle of water to dampen the crease and then letting it rest for 24 hours before laying it flat and smoothing it out.

To make your own laundry detergent, mix 1 cup borax, 2 cups washing soda and one gallon warm water. This is an excellent homemade laundry detergent. It has no dyes or bleach, and the only real down side is that you have to dissolve all of these ingredients in the water. Washing machines are not only useful for saving time and energy but also for the environment. They help to reduce the amount of water used, which helps prevent soil from being carried into rivers and oceans.

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