The fabric: Cotton will always reign, but in an ethnic fashion.

When we think of cotton, we always think of summer and the sun shining bright. Somehow the colour white always dominates our perception.

This book will make you an expert on how to use cotton in the kitchen.

Cotton is a versatile fibre, suitable for any season. It can be worn in hot and cold climates, and is also comfortable to wear against the skin.

If you can dream it, you can style cotton! It's really that simple!

The beautiful and comfortable range of clothing that results from this textile has so much more than just comfort to offer.

Pakistani Outfits are some handpicked outfits that yourLibaas brings to you so that you can make your summery affair worth it.


You Can Never Go Wrong With Shining White 

White cotton
While you may think that white cotton outfits have long been out of style, you'd be wrong. They'll never go out of fashion.

White outfits always look good, and it's even better when you add some colour to the mix.

We've gathered together a collection of white tops that are both classy and stylish for you to peruse. When you want to look great in a wedding dress, then you want a dress that really accentuates your figure. This is what separates the best bridal gowns from the rest. We've rounded up the very best wedding dresses that will suit every figure. The beauty of wearing a white dress is that it will compliment any skin tone, including dark skin tones.

A coloured dupatta is an eye-catching accessory that will add a pop of colour to your look and it will be your best style choice for a casual or formal occasion.

Wearable and versatile, this sweater is ideal for wearing all summer long.

Cotton's versatility knows no bounds. It blends well with many other fabrics, and the results are superb.

Ethnic wear is known for its elegance and cotton is known for its comfort.


In an outfit for a special occasion, it's always important to find the right blend of comfort and style.

It should be easy if you choose cotton or cotton blend fabrics.

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Keeping it Casual

The fabric: Cotton will always reign, but in an ethnic fashion.
It’s best to deal with everyday wear-and-tear with cotton outfits.

These are the best choices for daily wear, as they are comfortable and durable. They do not hamper you with the excessive hassle of wearing conventional makeup, and allow your skin to breathe as you sweat through your daily chores.

We wear clothes every day, but this doesn't mean they have to sacrifice style for durability.

Cotton is a durable fiber, and the wide variety of patterns in cotton outfits can attest to that.

When you go for a cotton outfit for a casual occasion, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

 What Tops Black? NOTHING!


While white is ethereal, black is not eliminated from the equation.

Black is a fashion trend that is easy to spot and very popular among the women. They come in different colors and different styles.

 When you are opting for a black cotton outfit, either you can wear it all in black or combine it with some other colours for a more dynamic and stylish look.

When an all-black outfit is desirable, you should wear a bit of color on top of it.

Dash of Colours

A dash of colours is often favourable for casual or special occasions.

Cotton is the fabric that will support you best when it comes to colours, so go

 The choice between colour combinations and multicoloured patterns depends upon your personal style.

If you like to make bold statements in your clothes, you can go from being a minimalist to being a trendsetter.Did you know cotton has your back?

 Cotton is the fabric that has come a long way in the textile industry. Its popularity is well-founded in its characteristics that make it valuable as a textile fiber.

Cotton is the right choice because it’s the right choice. Here are a few reasons why it's the right choice:


Lightweight: This fabric feels light as a feather on your skin and is extremely smooth. It doesn’t cause your skin to feel uncomfortable when you wear it.

Breathable: If your skin feels dry, try to use cottons as they allow your skin to breath and will not cause any irritation.

Tough: Your cotton dress can withstand the wind, rain, and snow, which makes it a must-have item for any occasion.The plethora of colors previously mentioned.

Insulation: They provide insulating properties because of this quality. Cotton is widely chosen in the summer and do you know that it also provides insulation in the winter?

The cotton fibres trap air between them and keep you cosy while the temperature drops.

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In conclusion, the secret to making your cotton dress weatherproof is to treat it like a fabric rather than a piece of clothing. We’ll show you how to do this in this post.

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