The Pakistani Wedding Festivals & The Perfect Cheerful Clothes


The season of love is the most beloved season of the entire year. In Pakistan, talking about the wedding season is a lengthy engagement period, consisting of a variety of events such as the engagement ceremony, mehndi night, baraat day, and eventually the valima.

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Pakistani people celebrate everything in a grand way with their big extended families and friends. When you plan a wedding you’re going to need to follow the customs and traditions that are prevalent in Pakistan.

If we talk about weddings in Pakistan then there is a certain way things are done, they follow all the rituals and norms that are going on for years. Some months are the peak season for weddings in Pakistan.

It's not unusual for couples to get married in the month of January because people from all over the country will be celebrating the New Year. The traditions are very old, and for us, we have been following them.

The Pakistanis are a great and proud nation with an amazing culture. They love celebrating their wedding day in a grand fashion and want to make sure that their wedding is a memorable one. If you are a wedding attendant and looking for lavish party outfits, but pocket friendly, then do check INSIYA's Shaadi Biyaah series . These outfits are on SALE! so check them out before the stock finishes! 

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This post shows you how to celebrate a Pakistani wedding in style.

Engagement Ceremony:

A wedding is the first step of an engagement. A wedding engagement is a very important day in any couple’s life. It’s the day when the bride and groom are tied together, and their journey of marriage begins.

These wedding dresses are supposed to be classic in design with little to no detailing, which gives the appearance of a natural glow and is the perfect combination for everyday wear.

In Pakistan, the most popular type of wedding dress is an off-the-shoulder choli or a two-piece dress with a short jacket over it. An engagement dress should be light and airy, and if you're having a spring or summer wedding, try some fresh and floral dresses that will make you feel happy and upbeat.



This beautiful dress is the perfect choice for an engagement ceremony. This peach-colour jacket has a mix of gold and silver embroidery and it's quite trendy. Soft makeup with delicate jewellery would look absolutely stunning when paired with this outfit. 

The Mehndi Night:

We’re talking about the best part of the wedding series, which is the wedding in New Orleans. This is the most fun and exciting event.

No doubt, the Mehndi Night is a grand affair. It is the time of the evening when the family of the bride and groom prepare dance performances and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

It’s the best holiday event for the entire family! Mehndi night is an occasion for you to celebrate with your loved ones and enjoy a night out with your friends.

Mehendi night is a fun celebration where people get to enjoy all kinds of beautiful colourful designs.

There is a lot that goes into planning a mehndi night. The mehndi colour of choice for the bridal season is orange, as well as red and purple, which are the most popular colours

Mehndi is a must for the bride. Wear your hair out of your face and look your best for your wedding day. A solid-coloured lehenga is always a good option and would make you feel even more radiant.

The Mehndi Night

Mehndi brides pair their lehenga choli with flower jewellery, and they carry light makeup for the event that is easy to carry.I hope you all enjoy this event to the fullest.

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The Nikkah Day:

Nikkah is one of the most important events of every Muslim marriage. Nikkah is the day when the bride and groom are officially married for the next life.

Nikkah (engagement) used to happen alongside baraat. But lately, we have seen more people plan separate nikkah events. The wedding day is usually very simple and minimal.

Nikkah (Nikah) Day is the Islamic wedding ceremony, which is performed by a Muslim man and a woman who has gotten married in Islam.

The outfit for nikah should always be in soft and pastel colours. It's hard to deny that there is something about minimal outfits that make you look so dreamy on your wedding day.

Nikkah Day
Gharara is the traditional outfit for your wedding ceremony. Styling yourself in classic, timeless Indian chambray will complete your look and make it classy and effortlessly chic.

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The Baraat Ceremony:

Baraat comes after the wedding. It’s the main event of the grand wedding celebration.

This event is arranged by the bride’s family and they host the groom’s family. .The most emotional day in a girl's life is when she has to leave her entire family and move towards a new home, a new place.

The Barat bride that we have seen throughout our life has no comparison with any other wedding dress we have ever seen.

 Nothing can match the beauty of a red wedding dress. They are heavily embroidered which makes you look stunning. The day of the wedding is important for the bride, so she starts to look for her dreamy bridal outfit.

The bridal outfit is mainly about gold zari and dabka work with some modern touches to it to make it look regal and classy.

Barat day, or the birthday of the bride, is a religious event, and many people wear colorful traditional costumes to celebrate the event.

A bride can carry a red lehenga choli with a sleek bun and bold makeup look to give the perfect desi yet modern touch to your bridal look. 

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The Walima Night:

After enjoying all the events there comes the last event of the wedding series which is the Walima night. This wedding reception is organized by the groom’s family to welcome the bride and groom’s families. A big feast for the family and friends.

Walima day is the time when the bride takes her guests out for a nice meal. Recently, we have seen people hold their weddings at night, which increases the beauty of the wedding and the decorations.

On a day wedding, the best choice is a long flared maxi dress with a tulip and bell skirt that makes them look classy yet trendy.



A walima dress is perfect for any summer get-together! Pink, lavender, beige, and blue are colours that make a walima dress stand out and compliment your colour scheme. The entire outfit of the wali is embellishments with subtle flower embroideries, with a mix of sequins.

You’re gorgeous as always. Pearls and Zari! Curl your hair or do a messy bun for a perfect statement look.

 With the wedding season just around the corner, I am pretty sure you must be excited too. The first example is the same as the second.

With our wide variety of clothes and accessories, we have something for everyone and are perfect for any occasion.

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In conclusion, this post gives you some great ideas about how to dress for a wedding in Pakistan. It will help you to pick out the perfect outfit for a Pakistani wedding, so you can look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.