ZOHA Luxury Lawn DRESSES 2022 by Ansab Jahangir

Ansal Jahangir is a leading designer in Pakistan. When it comes to bridal wear, Ansab Jahangir always needs to have the best.

At Ansab Jahangir Bridal Wear, we have some amazing bridal wear that will make any bride feel. You don't have to be an expert on bridal wear to dress your bride in stunning fashion. Ansab Jahangir is the expert.

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Luxury Lawn this  Season


It’s Ansab Jahangir who will launch Zoha Luxury Lawn 2022 for this. This collection is nothing but a dream come true. The details that it has to offer are to die for. Zoha’s new collection is all about colorful embroidery.

Look at this gorgeous outfit. It's from a brand called Zoha, which is all about beautiful clothing. This particular piece comes from the summer collection for 2022.

With its beautiful embroidery on the neckline and delicate embroidery on the sleeves and intricate detailing on the dupatta, this lovely chikankari shirt with floral print is a steal in itself.

 People are really taking to the color yellow in 2022. The right color yellow is one of the colors that are always fun to wear. It is a very beautiful suit from Zoha Luxury Lawn Collection. It’s truly a masterpiece. Lawns are suitable for casual wear, such as going to the park or attending a picnic with friends. It's important to choose between cotton and polyester depending on your occasion.


 With the upcoming fashion collections, designers have changed their perception of fashion. The lawn is more than a casual day out with family and friends, you can now carry it for a family gathering, a friends’ hangout, or even an intimate wedding event that you wish to attend.

From the top, down to the details and everything in between, everything about this outfit is spot-on. The lightweight breathable embroidered lawn fabric with such intricate design, delicate embroidery, and embellishments is perfect for this summer's casual outdoor occasions.

This Zoha collection has floral prints and colorful attire. It's a great choice for people who are into floral prints and colorful attire.

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